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1718 Linden Pl
Antioch, CA, 94509
United States


Fightletics is a brand that is taking a unique approach into lifestyle, fitness, and competition by incorporating exercise, recovery, and nutrition. Our main focus is to improve movement, increase mobility, and integrate athletic training to help recover, prevent, and perform at your highest level.


Services Offered & Pricing

Contact Us to Schedule Free Assessment.

Muscle Recovery Session: For details visit our 6-Step Muscle Recovery page.

- $75 (3 for $200)

Personal Training: One hour session. After free assessment is completed take body measurements and tailor program to functionally increase muscle strengthen, decrease body fat, stimulate proprioception, and incorporate cardiovascular training.

- $50 (3 for 120)

Nutritional Counseling: Certified Dolce Diet Coach counseling, 30 min.

- $20

Athletic Stretching: 30 minutes fascial stretching and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching,  10 minutes whole body vibration/lymphatic flush.

- $30