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936 Detroit Ave Suite J
United States


Fightletics is a brand that is taking a unique approach into lifestyle, fitness, and competition by incorporating exercise, recovery, and nutrition. Our main focus is to improve movement, increase mobility, and integrate athletic training to help recover, prevent, and perform at your highest level.



1. Get assessed, its FREE!

2. Identify your goal. What precautions came from the assesment and what is it that you want!

3. Create a training plan. Dont workout without an intended plan to reach your goal!

4. Lastly. You were assesed, you have a goal, and we have put together a plan to help you reach your goal....... What is stopping you!?!?

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1. Lean Muscle Growth

2. Fat Loss

3. Aesthics

4. Cardiovascular Endurance

5. Health & Wellness


Prehab & rehab:

1. Increase Range of Motion

2. Increase Core/Structural Strength

3. Injury Rehabilitation

4. Decrease Muscular Asymettry

5. Increase Strength for Functional Use



 1. Hypertrophy based rep/set exercises.

2. Reduce Body Fat %

3. Increase Lean Muscle Mass

4. Muscle Recovery 

5. Nutrition/Supplementation

Through inspiration, education, and application we are able to customize training plans to the goal that you desire. Whether that goal is fat loss, building muscle, becoming faster, aesthetic shape, athletic performance, injury rehabilitation, etc. a plan will be customized to you in one-on-one training and guidance throughout the week. All potential clients will be scheduled for a FREE assesment where we will evaluate movement patterns to identify muscular imbalances, weakness, tightness, restrictions, and overall capabilities. From that assesment we will be able to program specifically to not only your skill level but also to counter any inefficiencies that are found from the assesment. 

Upon completion of your assesment the next step will be to identify what your individual goal is! Are you coming back from an ACL injury? Having trouble with how "tight" your IT band is? Looking to shed 15 pounds before summer? Increase lean muscle growth while also losing fat? Struggling with cardiovascular endurance? Or are you an athlete looking to become bigger, faster, stronger? Once your goal is identified a strategic plan will be organized with you to review the steps, timeframe, and sacrifices that will need to take place in order to achieve your goal. After completion of these two steps it is time to get to work!