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Fightletics is a brand that is taking a unique approach into lifestyle, fitness, and competition by incorporating exercise, recovery, and nutrition. Our main focus is to improve movement, increase mobility, and integrate athletic training to help recover, prevent, and perform at your highest level.


"Success is when discipline and effort meet preparation and opportunity."

- Joseph Hughes


Jojo: Owner /Coach

I Joseph Hughes am owner of Fightletics which covers all aspects of Sports Performance. Fightletics was established in 2015 to improve recovery in health, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and athletic performance. I have always wanted to pursue the field of athletic development and sports performance since learning from coaches and being an athlete myself. A word that is always thrown around is "potential" and in my opinion it means preparing by the day, to improve during the month, and become better prepared for next year. I feel this process of "potential" includes working on your skill, becoming stronger, more explosive, all while becoming less susceptible to injury. As a sports performance coach I have dedicated myself to these areas to help athletes become better in all aspects of performance in their sport.

In 2012 I left for the United States Air Force Basic Military Training & Medical Training Campus for my training in the USAF Reserve.  By 2013 I completed requirements for an Associates Degree in Administration of Justice. A year later I decided to transfer and cross-train into athletics/fitness to follow my passion in coaching, athletic development, and sports performance. 2015 became certified by USA Football and began to Coach the Antioch Spartans.

While transferring to CSU East Bay to study Kinesiology I attended two schools to study bodywork and how it helped in recovery/rehabilitation. My studies led me to three internships working with an MMA team that consisted of Professional MMA/Kickboxing World Champions, a chiropractic office, and bodywork practice that focused on mobility/movement. 

In 2015 Fightletics was established and I began to work in-house, on-call, in academies, etc. In the same year I began to work closely with the Graciefighter teams out of Pleasant Hill, Dublin, Stockton, etc. Using techniques learned and developed from internships and experience I feel as if I have created a method of recovery to adapt to clientele of every area.   Since, I have began to work with people of all backgrounds and athletes/fighters on every level. By the end of 2016 I was working with clientele from youth, gym-goers, fitness competitors from beginning to elite levels, amateur and professional world champions in many top organizations of MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, etc. While also working with collegiate/professional athletes at the highest level in football, triathlons, track & field, and basketball. I am truly grateful for the opportunities presented to the practice and look to continue the growth in the future.

Apart from Fightletics, in 2016 I began to study in depth the intricacies of strength and conditioning with my degree program. My first internship for S&C was at one of the top Olympic Weightlifting gyms in America. That is where I gained experience in the breakdown of nutrition, programming, and preparation of becoming a pro football player as well as preparing for an upcoming season. The week after I was brought on-board as a coach-in-training and later hired as a strength coach at a local athletic performance facility in Concord, CA. It was here, where I worked with two elite High School strength & conditioning programs, an Olympic team, and in performance at a nearby basketball facility. Looking to grow in a different atmosphere, I applied and was hired to work at one of the most distinguished universities in the nation as weight room staff. I continually look to grow as a person and coach in anyway that will help the people I work with and around. I am always thankful for the support, those who has helped me, and everybody that has given me opportunities to grow.