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Fightletics is a brand that is taking a unique approach into lifestyle, fitness, and competition by incorporating exercise, recovery, and nutrition. Our main focus is to improve movement, increase mobility, and integrate athletic training to help recover, prevent, and perform at your highest level.




Bigger, faster, stronger................ while also incorporating periodization and muscle recovery in your programming to increase peak athletic performance.

Our goal at Fightletics is to maximize peak performance for athletic competition. By doing so many different methods and modalities of training must be incorporated in an athlete's program. Currently, we offer two different systems to best fit our client and their needs. No matter which system you choose an athletic assessment will be scheduled to account for a client's core control, coordination, stabilization, and mobility restrictions.

To get scheduled for an assessment please email


athletic performance 1on1 

One-on-one training sessions are a great way to expedite results for an athlete. The main reason for this is a specific program will be designed for the athlete and their needs to work on certain areas.  More time can be spent on methods of training while also determining when to progress/digress exercises and intensity. To start one-on one training open the link to our Mindbody page to schedule your appointment.


athletic performance class at 7pm

Get better in a small group with other athletes who are working toward their goals! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7pm we offer this training session. The focus of this class is to give athletes the tools aka programming that they will see at the college level. Dynamic warm-ups, movement drills, olympic weightlifing technigue, bi/unilateral strength, decreasing asymmetries, HIIT, footwork, mobility work, etc. are all incorporated throughout the weeks programming.  Group text/email also is constantly in communication if we add a day at the field or if there is open gym. Below is the link for your free first week to become a Fightletics athlete and begin training at 7pm!